Newsletter March 16th 2018 – SCHECC

Eleven A&E members travelled together up to the SWCC hut in Wales for a weekend of caving and cave training. The group left at 6pm, arriving at the hut for 11pm. Those who weren’t sensible stayed up and faced the consequences the next day…

Saturday was an 8:30 start with a cooked breakfast, activities starting at 10am. The day offered a range of training and taster activities like: Cave Rescue, SRT, Photography and Cave Surveying. All were useful and enjoyable!

Cave rescue allowed cavers to spend the day getting a feel for the challenges of cave rescue, spending the day with the SMWCRT Cave Rescue Team. Primarily the team practiced stretcher carrying, this being hard work as John Snow was heavy (eat less red meat!). Finally, it highlighted the potential risks of caving, an injury an hour into a cave would take over 4 hours to get out!

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