Newsletter October 14th 2018 – First Weekend!

The year of adventure began with the annual First Weekend, where almost every member both new and returning came along to meet new people and have fun. Camp was set up at the Five Wyches, situated in Dartmoor and everyone spent the day doing their chosen activities.

In the evening baked potatoes were cooked for dinner and Alex (our social sec.) started the classic A+E games; so many people got involved!

More activities took place on the second day before heading back to Plymouth for a well-earned shower!

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Newsletter March 16th 2018 – SCHECC

Eleven A&E members travelled together up to the SWCC hut in Wales for a weekend of caving and cave training. The group left at 6pm, arriving at the hut for 11pm. Those who weren’t sensible stayed up and faced the consequences the next day…

Saturday was an 8:30 start with a cooked breakfast, activities starting at 10am. The day offered a range of training and taster activities like: Cave Rescue, SRT, Photography and Cave Surveying. All were useful and enjoyable!

Cave rescue allowed cavers to spend the day getting a feel for the challenges of cave rescue, spending the day with the SMWCRT Cave Rescue Team. Primarily the team practiced stretcher carrying, this being hard work as John Snow was heavy (eat less red meat!). Finally, it highlighted the potential risks of caving, an injury an hour into a cave would take over 4 hours to get out!

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Newsletter February 23rd 2018 – BUCS, STANAGE AND MORE

13 Plymouth University students competed in the annual BUCS competition on Saturday 17th of February. Wearing some beautiful leggings, our team had three hours to complete 25 routes. With ~500 total competitors, the competition had a serious edge, with judges scoring each route.

The first 10 routes were split into A and B, each competitor only having to do one, but it created interesting dynamics with subtle differences between routes. The remaining 15 routes were tough, posing quite a challenge!

Plymouth worked hard and had fun! Although due to the incredible standard needed to reach the top, no one was close to reaching the finals. However, some strong performances include: James Kellaway (147 points – 84th/259) and Sabrina Brooke (88 points –85th/171).

Everyone should be proud as they weren’t easy routes – Besides we were the most colorful!

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Newsletter February 9th 2018 – SWUBS AND MORE

Thirteen brave Adventure and Expo members traveled up to Cardiff on February 3rd to compete in 20 routes set by the likes of Leah Crane! This year SWUBS has grown larger than ever with sponsors including Red bull and Cotswold Outdoors. The routes were dynamic, with plenty of slabs, crimps and even a handstand start!

With 2 ½ hours to complete the tough routes, the competition was in full swing. By the end of qualifying George Lonsdale was second with 160 points, securing Plymouth a place in the finals. Other Plymouth mentions include: Will Parker, Matt Owen and Dan Abbott, who also got over 100 points.

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